The Scene Is Set: Revelation Cove, BC, Is Actually …

Must Love Otters, our upcoming romantic comedy, is set in a fictional place based on several real-life resorts of awesomely epic proportions. Though Revelation Cove is not an actual destination in British Columbia, when we set out to research what it would look like, here is one of the first places from which we drew inspiration. If you can’t find me at home, chances are good I’m here:

SONORA RESORT, Sonora Island, British Columbia


From their website:

The Best in Luxury Fishing Resorts – Sonora Resort

Call today to book your stay at one of the top fishing resorts in Canada and enjoy the Sonora Resort experience.

Phone: 604-233-0460
Toll Free: 1-888-576-6672
Fax: 604-233-0465

Something else, eh? (Yes, I threw that in there on purpose. Because Canadians say “eh,” right?) In our story, our leads–Hollie Porter and Ryan Fielding–are, in fact, Americans. But their individual trajectories mean their paths will slam into one another in gorgeous Revelation Cove, a golf-and-fish-and-spa resort complete with all the delicious luxuries. City girl needs to get away from it all? Check. Retired NHL player needs to reconnect with nature in a country that has become like home? Double check.

Of course, in a venue so perfect, the possibilities for hijinks are endless. And some of the photos showcased from the Sonora website? Let’s just say they could’ve come right off of Hollie’s camera. That is, if she hadn’t dropped it in the water.



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