Some Heartfelt Missed Connections

screen-shot-2013-10-24-at-1-24-02-pmLove is HARD. We know this. It is a proven scientific fact. (Somewhere. There must be facts. Someone science-y, back me up here.) And yet, love happens every single day. People find one another in line at the grocery store or train station or even in the doctor’s office. New loves are born, lost loves are found, and fires are stoked across the planet. Good for humans.

Here are a few Missed Connections we pulled from Craigslist in four major North American cities for this week (links included; “m4w” = Man for Woman, and so on). Sometimes it’s just a nice reminder that there are people who still like love.

(*Mild editing for grammar so that my eyeballs don’t bleed. Sorry. It’s an affliction.)

#1 – Vancouver, British Columbia

Langley Hospital Monday Night – m4w – 20 (Langley)

I never had a chance to talk to you because of the circumstamces, but we locked eyes a few times while I was walking by. I was floored at how incredibly beautiful you are, and your eyes are simply stunning! You were in a plaid shirt, browns and white, grey yoga-style pants, and were with a few people. I walked by a few times and was outside texting when you left.

I am doubtful, but I hope you read this. And if you do, but choose not to reply, just know that you took my breath away with your smile.

#2 – Portland, Oregon

Running today – m4w (Wilshire Park)

We were both running in opposite directions this afternoon at Wilshire Park. You were wearing a purple shirt and listening to music. I didn’t say hello when running by you since I didn’t want to seem creepy or annoying, but for the rest of my run, I wished I had.

#3 – New York City

Short hair, glasses, and nice eyes outside of the laundromat – m4w – 25 (Astoria – 25th Ave)

Dear girl with the short hair and glasses: I doubt you will see this, but if you do, I’m sorry if it seems creepy. I’ve never written one of these. It’s awkward, very awkward. Tonight, Friday, I went down to my local laundry spot to put my clothes in the dryer. I saw you leaving an apartment building near it and immediately noticed your cute short hair and style, a style that you don’t see often in this part of Queens. As I was at the machine making change, you walked by the window and we made eye contact. In those few seconds I was incredibly drawn to the eyes behind the glasses. Beautiful eyes. I can’t explain it, but from that moment you made me smile. I ended up putting a quarter in the wrong machine because my mind was racing from it. I think you were leaving your boyfriend’s apartment, and that’s cool. I have no expectations. But if you do happen to see this, thank you. You made my day for no reason.


Guy in a hoodie and gray pants who lost a quarter

#4 – New York City

Cute with the beanie and the Batman bookbag – m4w – 25 (Maspeth / Grand Ave.)


I was just looking at my phone when I heard a door open and I saw u walking in front of me. We were both walking along the same block and I couldn’t stop admiring how cute you were. Then u dropped your headphones and I went in front to not be a weirdo and then when I walked into the diner, I definitely took my time glancing at u as you kept walking.

I was the dude in the dirty clothes. I’m a mechanic, so that may explain it. Doubt this will find you, but you’re seriously adorable and would love to get to know you.

#5 – Portland, Oregon

Geeky Dude in Suit – w4m (8 Bus to OHSU)

Wasn’t having a great morning.

However, the eye contact and smiles from you helped make this Friday a little more bearable.

Hope the rest of your morning goes swimmingly.


#6 – Los Angeles

Dismissed Juror Seeking Prosecutor – w4m (Norwalk)

I never do this, and can imagine you wouldn’t either, but I’m willing to chance it. You were the prosecutor on the third floor of the Norwalk Courthouse. I was the juror in the front row today, in the black and white top, jeans, and boots. We made eye contact and smiled at one another a few times until I was released for the day. This is very unprofessional, but I’d very much like the chance to get to know you a bit better. If this is you, please reply with your last name.

Fingers crossed,
Your favorite juror

Wikimedia. From 1926 "Art and Beauty Magazine"

Wikimedia. From 1926 “Art and Beauty Magazine”

What about you? Got any good missed-connection stories to share?


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