Concierge Ryan Is Our Superman

Now, I did a post a few weeks back with my ideal picks for Concierge Ryan … of course, darling Ryan was based on real-life Vancouver Canuck hockey player Ryan Kesler, #17, my very favorite Canuck. (We’re big hockey fans around here. This is him:

Hey, Ryan Kesler. We love you.

Hey, Ryan Kesler. We love you.

Of course we are!) Actor Peter Mooney has The Smile of the Century, so I used his face a lot while writing. You know, for inspiration. Everyone needs inspiration, which is why we love artists, authors, and actors. (Notice how all those awesome things start with the same letter. I’m onto something big here, I think.)

But this weekend, I finally saw Man of Steel. WHY DID I WAIT? I’m not generally a huge superhero-movie fan. I’ll watch them once they’re out on DVD, but I don’t typically line up at the theatre for Iron Man, Spiderman, or Batman.

You guys, I should’ve lined up for Superman. Henry Cavill, where have you been my whole life? I have a new Concierge Ryan. I can’t help it. HE’S PERFECT.

Oh my dear lord.

Oh my dear lord.

He’s rugged, built like a hockey player (and those who have read the book know that our darling Ryan is a former NHL stud), he has the crazy curls when his hair is longer, he ROCKS that beard … I’m totally obsessed. And now, of course, I’m dreaming about Henry stumbling across our sweet little book and finding himself SO enthralled by the humor and romance that GOSH, he sends it to his BFF who runs a production company and POOF, Concierge Ryan comes to life. HEY — stop shaking your head at me. A girl’s gotta dream. It can’t be all death and taxes, ya know … (I also secretly wish that my agent would send a copy of the book to Henry’s agent. Again, DREAMS ARE IMPORTANT. Dan, are you listening? Love you, sweetie.)

For the betterment of the world, to make sure I am doing MY part to keep the Internet pretty and full of love and warm things, I have scoured Pinterest and will now share a few of my favorite shots. So you see what the hell I am talking about with this perfect, beautiful man. (And now we can take bets on what might be wrong with him. I mean, can anyone be perfectly perfect in all realms of life? No. I’m guessing he snores, farts in bed, has a ridiculous laugh, maybe has a weird collection of weird things we don’t want to know about, maybe he has absolutely zero personality … You know what? I’m okay with ALL OF THAT, Henry. If you’re a drooling fool, you don’t even have to talk. I just want you to be Ryan. We cool?)

On with the show:

You are so welcome. ❤

2 Responses to “Concierge Ryan Is Our Superman”

  1. Raegan Salisbury

    I am soooooooooo with you girl.I can’t believe that he wasn’t found until 2005 for “the Immortals”.He is a HOTTIE MCHOTHOT!!je t’aime,Henry Cavill.


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