Get to Know Eliza … AND A SALE.

Hey! Did you get an e-reader for Christmas? Through December 29, you can pick up a copy of Must Love Otters for a buck ninety-nine ($1.99, people!) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the iBookstore.

We recently did an interview with YAReads Blog Tours, and their questions were so fun, we thought, Hey, let’s share! So, read at your leisure. Thank you, YAReads! ❤

Can you tell us about your book, Must Love Otters, in 15 words or less?

A silly, feel-good story about a girl who goes looking for otters and finds her heart instead. (Crap, that’s 18 words. I lose.)

Is this a standalone or a series?

We wrote it as a standalone. But we have talked about what happens next with Hollie and Ryan …

What made you want to write adult contemporary romance?

We wanted to write something funny with grown-ups in it so we could let loose a little. Writing Otters was really freeing — we had no limits about how wacky things could get. And who doesn’t love a good romance?

Did anything specific inspire you to write Must Love Otters?

I’ve spent the last few years working on a very serious YA book with heavy themes and sadness and dark stuff. I needed something light and fluffy that would make people laugh. Mr. Gordon and I spend a lot of time trying to crack each other up, so it was a natural progression to try to make other people giggle too.

That cover is adorable! Who designed it?

Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations. She’s quite talented, as you can see.

What was your favorite scene to write?

That’s tough — probably the last one. I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

What was the hardest scene to edit out?

We took out a storyline that had to do with Hollie’s absent mother. That was sort of sad because I wanted to show that side of Hollie’s life, the one that didn’t ooze happiness, but my agent felt it changed the tone of the story too much. He was right. As usual.

Did any music inspire you while writing Must Love Otters?

I’m a movie score junkie. I have specific sets that I listen to depending on what I’m writing. For rom-coms, I listen to film scores from romantic comedies as the music is light and whimsical. Movie score composers are very skilled at marrying music to emotion, and this is of great benefit to me.

If you could cast anyone to play some of the main characters, who would you choose?

For Ryan? Henry Cavill, known around these parts as vitamin Henry. (Poor Mr. Gordon.) Another actor who inspired me greatly during the writing process was Peter Mooney, an adorable Canadian actor who most folks probably know from Camelot (Kay) or Rookie Blue (Nick Collins). I don’t have an actress in mind for Hollie, to be honest, although her behavior and attitude and general messiness were modeled around Kristen Wiig’s character Annie in Bridesmaids.

What are you currently working on?

Our next book, of course! I’m superstitious, though. I won’t talk about a project until the first draft is close to completion. Not great for marketing, but my neuroses overrule me.

What is currently in your TBR pile?

Ohhhhh man, that is a huge pile. I read all over the place, pretty much all genres — um, I’m reading a Sophie Kinsella (Remember Me?), and I have another three of her books waiting. I tend to read several books at a time — my mood will dictate that evening’s reading — so I’m midway through Rage Within, a fantastically dark, post-apocalyptic creepfest and The Book Thief (I have to finish it before seeing the movie). Oh, and the first Game of Thrones book. Slowly, slowly. I’ve got so many books sitting here, we could probably build ourselves a home out of their bindings.

Fun Facts:

Chocolate or vanilla?

Definitely chocolate. Unless it’s a milkshake. Then vanilla.

Pizza or tacos?

Tacos, if I could get them from an authentic, grade-A food truck in Los Angeles. That was my biggest shock of moving to western Canada — virtually NO Mexican food. *sad face*

Cats or dogs?

Cats x 1000%. Mr. Gordon concurs. We’re those weird, talk-to-the-cat-like-it’s-human people.

Italian or Chinese?

Oooooooh, you’re cruel. Um, probably Chinese?

Favorite TV show?


Favorite movie?

EVER? Probably the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I know, total nerd. But Shakespeare in Love, Gladiator, Kick-Ass, and Welcome to the Punch round out the top five.

Favorite singer/band?

Sia. Or Florence + the Machine. Or Imogen Heap. And Muse. And Mumford & Sons. Or Death Cab for Cutie. Or Regina Spektor. OMG. I don’t even know. Do you want my list of favorite movie score composers? HANS ZIMMER. There. I listed ONE. 🙂 Mr. Gordon would have to say Van Halen. (Don’t giggle at him. He’s sensitive.)

What is the closest item to you that is red?

A Superman keychain. Only it’s not just Superman — it’s a chunky rendition of what he’d look like as a kid. Sort of adorable.

Favorite Christmas ornament?

A ceramic ornament I painted years ago of my Best Cat Ever, Kovu. (RIP, buddy.)

Biggest pet peeve?

Disingenuous people. I cannot abide fakery.

Biggest quirk?

I obsess about things — music, books, movies, movie stars. I get it in my head, and I can’t get rid of it until I’ve exhausted myself.

Celebrity crush?

MARK STRONG. And Henry Cavill. (For Mr. Gordon, he wouldn’t kick Salma Hayek outta bed for eating crackers.)

Favorite celebrity couple?

Probably Brangelina. (Mr. Gordon is rolling his eyes.) I’ve been a Brad Pitt devotee since forever, and I think Angelina Jolie is a very cool human. People rag about her, but she does a buttload more for charity than 99 percent of the population, so there’s that.

Hermione and Ron or Hermione and Draco?

Hermione and Ron. I’m old-fashioned. Although I think Draco is likely a good guy under all that meanness …

Last book to make you cry?

I recently edited a book called Nocturnes by Kendall Grey, and that gave me that tight, painful thing in the throat and a few errant tears. Grey weaves a kick-to-the-gut story every time. Before that, it was definitely Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Dude, I ugly-cried.


Thank you so much for stopping by!

2 Responses to “Get to Know Eliza … AND A SALE.”

  1. Michele

    At least 25 stars for both Must Love Otters and Hollie Porter Builds a Raft. I absolutely love both these books great writing, laugh out loud funny. Definitely made me want to visit BC but that’s quite a ways from where I live, it’s now on my bucket list. Thanks so much Eliza Gordon can’t wait for your next book.

    • Miss Eliza G

      DAY MADE. Thank you so much, Michele! Be sure to follow me on Facebook for the latest news about upcoming projects. Thank you so much for ALL THOSE STARS. Where ever will I put them all? xoxo


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