Star Wars Day Seems Like a Good Day for an Announcement!

May the Fourth Be With You! (And also with you.)

Translation for non-Star Wars geeks: Today is Star Wars Day.

Which means it’s the perfect time to share SECRETS about our next project!


Coming summer 2014

Jayne Dandy is a (closet) Star Wars geek who *might* be falling for a guy named Luke Walker—twin brother of Leia and co-owner of the Portland food truck, Piewalker’s. But in order for Jayne to get her light sabre lit, she has to first conquer her crippling fear of intimacy. When her therapist suggests she write erotica to work through her issues, Jayne’s double life is given its own X-Wing to zoom around the galaxy.

Mayhem of the earthbound type ensues.

Stay tuned for cover reveal, teasers, and Piewalker éclairs for everyone!


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