Reader Art from Across the Pond!

Every once in a while, a reader will fall in love with a book and reach out to say hello. This particular reader happens to be a family friend with lots of creative energy, so she’s been making some awesome stuff for Must Love Otters. These graphics are a delightful way to represent who we see as Ryan and Hollie (even though I think Hollie is blond in the book — that’s what’s so cool about imagination!). Peter Mooney is absolutely who I envisioned when creating Ryan Fielding, and forgive me if I get swoony and stupid looking at the graphics because this is how I saw it in my head whilst writing. *more swooning*

The friend who made these awesome gems for us — her name is Mariyam (everyone wave hello to Mariyam in London!) — envisions Kaya Scodelario as Hollie Porter. I can totally see this, especially because I don’t usually have faces for my female characters. I don’t know why that is — I just … don’t. My female characters tend to be more of a blank in my head. I have a general idea, but maybe it’s because I’m self-conscious about my own looks so I don’t want to create some impossible standard for the characters too? Or maybe I want her to be Every Girl? Any psychology majors out there? Someone explain this to me.

Check back to see some of the awesome swag Mariyam of Oh Panda Eyes (she’s also a writer for Page to Premiere alongside a special house elf we call Yaunna who lives around these parts) is making for us — you should SEE the charm bracelets! I can’t wait to share more fun.

Thank you again, Mariyam!

Peter and Kaya MLO graphic

Canaries with bellies full of crab Mariyam May 2014

Ryan and Hollie boating from Mariyam

As long as I live Mariyam

ALSO — Amazon has dropped our price to $0.99 for I don’t know how long. Click on the image below and have at it!


Thanks, friends, for stopping by.


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