It’s Sea Otter Awareness Week! How About a Giveaway?

Everyone say hello to Elfin! He’s the fellow in the picture above, one of our adorable sweeties at the Vancouver Aquarium. Awww, Elfin … ❤

To help celebrate the fuzzy, cuddly goodness of Enhydra lutris (sea otters!), we’re offering a giveaway with some fun prizes — a signed paperback of Must Love Otters, donation to our favorite aquarium that does awesome work to rehabilitate injured sea life (yes, including otters!), and ebooks of Must Love Otters and Eliza Gordon’s latest, Neurotica.

Click HERE to go to the GIVEAWAY page, and good luck!

Random sea otter facts:

~ The average sea otter has 170,000 to ONE MILLION hairs per square inch. A human only has about 700!

~ Sea otters don’t typically eat starfish unless they’re out of other choices, although otters are commonly depicted hugging a starfish to their chests. Still cute!

~ Conservation is very important for the sea otter as it is a keystone species for kelp forests. That means their presence is important to keep the complex kelp ecosystem in balance.

~ Secondary to excessive hunting, the sea otter almost went extinct in the 19th century. It is a protected creature under the Endangered Species & Marine Mammal Protection Act.

~ For more information about Enhydra lutris, check out these terrific sites:

Friends of the Sea Otter

Sea Otter Research

Defenders of Wildlife

Vancouver Aquarium’s sea otter cam!

Cameras on Elkhorn Slough, near Monterey Bay, California

Michael Yang Photography (Facebook page)


Thank you for participating and for celebrating the stupendous sea otter with us! Have a great week!


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