Happy 1st Birthday, NEUROTICA!

Fan of geek humor? Star Wars? Adorable pastry chefs? Food trucks? Rubber ducks and embarrassing innuendo? A little sci-fi fun? How about watching the neurotic-but-lovable Jayne Dandy fall in love?


If you buy a copy of NEUROTICA between NOW and SEPTEMBER 4th, I will send you some super-cute bookmarks AND enter you in a random drawing for a $15 Amazon giftcard! It’s easy — buy the book* on one of the many platforms, send me your purchase receipt via email (misselizagordon – at – gmail.com) WITH YOUR PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS so I know where to send your wee prize, and POOF! Pretty bookmarks so you can stop using that old bus pass or Starbucks receipt to hold your spot.

Neurotica 3D

(*Please do not buy the book and then immediately return it to get in on this fun. Because that’s cheating and cheating is not nice and it makes my heart hurt.)

Drawing will be done September 4, so enjoy the rest of summer before the leaves start crackling and falling off the trees. (Which just happens to be my VERY favorite time of year!)

And in case you missed it, OUR LATEST NEWSLETTER with a sneak peek of the next Eliza Gordon project, HOLLIE PORTER BUILDS A RAFT, sequel to MUST LOVE OTTERS, is now available here! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to have it occasionally delivered direct into your frosting-coated fingers.



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