MUST LOVE OTTERS Is In the Kindle Holiday Store for November

I know, I know. The Hallowe’en decorations are hardly even put away yet. We still have our decorative skulls hanging around the front door and probably will until we put up Christmas lights. BUT — it’s never too early or too late for a good deal on a book, AM I RIGHT?

And although you may not be ready for the tinkling of sleigh bells, we’re thinking that a little pre-holiday-madness pick-me-up might be just the R&R you need. Seriously. Take some time for yourself, read a book, maybe read another one. If you’re American, you still have a few weeks before the insanity of Thanksgiving and Black Friday hits, so RELAX AND ENJOY — with Hollie and Concierge Ryan!


Now until November 30, MUST LOVE OTTERS is in the Kindle Holiday Store (under Literature & Fiction, in case you’re looking through, wondering what category we’re in) for a whopping $0.99. Which MEANS you can read for cheap and then treat yourself to the sequel, HOLLIE PORTER BUILDS A RAFT, already out and waiting for YOU!

Spread the word. Tell your friends who need a giggle. Hug an otter today. (Okay, don’t. They bite. And it’s illegal.)

AND if you happen to be local … check out ALL of Eliza Gordon’s titles on shelves NOW at Chapters in Coquitlam’s Pinetree Village. Don’t they look so purty?



P.S. Canada already had Thanksgiving in October so it’s all Christmas, all the time, from here on out. Oh man, send help. That’s a lot of Christmas. Wish me luck.


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