Alert! RAFT Is a Kindle Daily Deal — Tues., March 8 Only!

Now that Hollie’s continuing adventures have been out in the wild for a few months, it’s time to put her on sale. We’re très excited that Amazon picked HOLLIE PORTER BUILDS A RAFT as a Kindle Daily Deal for Tuesday, March 8, which means you can get the sequel to Must Love Otters for a whopping $0.99. I’d list all the stuff you could buy for a buck, but we know that list would be short — you can’t get anything these days for under a dollar. NOT EVEN AT THE DOLLAR STORE. Which just seems wrong. Doesn’t it?

So spread the word: a book for a buck (minus one penny). Join the RAFT.

Welcome aboard.

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P.P.S. If you want to grab RAFT while she’s on sale, even though you haven’t read MUST LOVE OTTERS, WELL, you’re in luck.

OTTERS will be a BookBub Feature on March 19 (and on-sale date is actually the 18th so you can get it sooner!).

Buy the sequel now, buy the first book on March 18/19, and then HAVE A GIGGLE FEAST. Your doctor would approve of this message.


Take care,


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