Great News for the Vancouver Aquarium: Rialto Is Coming!

Photo property of Alan Berner/The Seattle Times, 2016.

This sweet baby sea otter was found alone and in a rough surf off the coast of Washington State — on Rialto Beach in the Olympic National Park — on August 1, necessitating an urgent rescue. Thanks to the quick thinking of a National Park Service ranger (who then contacted the Washington Sea Otter Stranding Network), this little sweetie was brought to the Seattle Aquarium for care. Estimated to have been only around seven to eight weeks old at the time he was saved, aquarium vets found him to be in serious condition: underweight, malnourished, and battling pneumonia.

But thanks to the awesome twenty-four-hour care of the folks at the Seattle Aquarium, this little fella, named Rialto (after the beach where he was found!) has made an awesome recovery. He’s now doubled his weight to nearly 10 lb. and the pneumonia has cleared.

Best of all? HE’S MOVING TO VANCOUVER, BC, TO THE VANCOUVER AQUARIUM, AT THE END OF AUGUST! I am so stoked — we *love* the Vancouver Aquarium and donate regularly to their Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. Just absolutely terrific news that this baby will join our resident otters (Elfin, Tanu, and Katmai) and be welcomed by the people of British Columbia.

Frozen clam treats for everyone!

For more information, check out the article from the Seattle Times.


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