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6 Responses to “Newsletter Link!”

  1. Pamela Swan

    I loved both of your books and reading until midnight to finish Otter’s proved it and the chocolate chip cookies I shoveled down along with this sweet and scrumptious read! Please write more soon…the perfect amount of love adventure and spice!
    Keep me posted please,

    Pamela Swan

  2. Karen

    I agre with the above comments, your books were just what I needed while sitting by my hunsband’s hospital bed for months as he was battling a terminal illness. It was the perfect way to escape for a few moments while he was sleeping, but being able to put it down when he needed me and able to get right back into the story without having to reread anything. Unfortunately, Jim lost his battle, but the adventures of Holly and Ryan made me smile just a little as well as reminisce about Jim’s and my, oh so short, time together (he was also a hockey player!). Looking forward to the next adventure of Holly, Ryan and the rest of the gang at Revelation Cove. Please tell me there is more to come!

    • Miss Eliza G

      Karen … This message — THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am so sorry for the loss of your darling husband. And I am so, so happy that you were able to find a few quiet moments to get out of your troubled head. That’s really what these books do for me too, to be honest. I love books that I can pick up and just escape all the noise and madness and carnage of life. And I’m thrilled to have been of service to you in your time of need. That really does make me feel so warm. Your Jim was a hockey player, hey? So cool! My husband played too … those hockey players are yummy. 😉

      I do hope to bring you more Hollie and Ryan, so stay tuned. Looks like their next adventures might be happening abroad. Tee hee hee. TAKE CARE and find me on Facebook so we can keep in touch. Thanks again, Karen.

  3. Kathy Terhune

    I loved your books Otter and Raft. I hope you are going to write a third!
    Kathy Terhune


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