About Eliza

Eliza Gordon has excellent taste in books, shoes, movies, and friends, and questionable sanity in the realm of love. Best leave that one alone.

In real life, she’s a copy/line editor, mom, wife, bibliophile, and proud parent of one very spoiled tuxedo cat. Eliza writes stories to help you believe in the Happily Ever After; Jennifer Sommersby, her other self, writes young adult. Both personalities are represented by Victoria Doherty-Munro at Writers House Literary Agency.

A hybrid author with experience in both self- and traditional publishing realms, Eliza/Jenn has worked with some of the industry’s top editors over the last seven years. Upcoming releases include a romantic comedy with Lake Union Publishing called DEAR DWAYNE, WITH LOVE, published January 23, 2018, under Eliza Gordon, as well as the first book in a young adult duology, called SLEIGHT, due April 3, 2018, from HarperCollins Canada and SkyPony Press (US) under Jennifer Sommersby.

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For rights inquiries, please contact Victoria Doherty-Munro at Writers House in NYC (tdoherty [at] writershouse.com).

Thank you!

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13 Responses to “About Eliza”

  1. Sharon

    I have just begun reading “Must Love Otters” and have realized how nice it is to laugh out loud. Thank You!

  2. Susan Dyer

    I just finished! OMG!! I loved it! It made me LOL many many times but I finished it with tears in my eyes! Please tell me there will be more Holly and Ryan??

    • Miss Eliza G

      Hi, Susan! THANK YOU for your note. I love hearing positive things about our story. LOVE IT. It’s like a hug across the Internet! You know, a lot of people have been asking about more adventures for Hollie and Ryan, so we’re working on coming up with something to throw at them. More hijinks? More hockey? More romance? MORE OTTERS? I think yes. 🙂 Stay tuned here or find us on Facebook. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  3. Julia

    I just finished reading “Must Love Otters” a few weeks ago. I was completely inspired by your story and your writing abilities. You have inspired me to want to write my own young adult novel. Do you have any advice for someone just starting out?

    • Miss Eliza G

      In my day job, I’m an editor, so I am often exploding with advice, unwanted and otherwise. My best advice, though? Writing is rewriting. And never stop learning. I see a lot of writers, especially now with the changes in the publishing model, who knock out a novel or two or three, they find a modicum of success, and they continue to exhibit the same tendencies over and over again. Their writing stalls; they do not grow as writers. Sure, they have readers who won’t mind their dirty little habits, but with each subsequent project, there is a certain amount of respect that should be paid to the process. I don’t understand how people finish a draft on Sunday night and hit publish on Monday morning. I think that cheats readers, but more importantly, it cheats the writer out of learning an essential part of this craft: rewriting.

      Writing is no different from painting or sculpture or dance–you have to continually strive to improve. Some people really fight this and are convinced that they’re doing perfectly fine without any editorial or critical help. Which is their prerogative. I can’t save the world. But as I always tell the writers I work with, “In order for your book to grow, you must let the ego go.” The day I learned to let go of my ego as it relates to my writing, I opened myself up to some amazing growth. It was like a new day.

      I think the last bit of advice I’d give to writers is to read. Read everything. Read it all. Read across genres. Read stuff that makes you uncomfortable and stuff that you don’t understand just so you can see how different people manipulate language. It’s an old adage, but reading widely can do much to inform one’s own writing.

    • Miss Eliza G

      And Julia? THANK YOU for reading. 😉 Check out my latest, NEUROTICA, for more fun and giggling time. 😉 Take care … and HAPPY WRITING!

      • Julia

        Wow! Thank you so much for your time and advice! I will be checking out Neurotica for sure!


    I read both books back to back…loved them both!!! Need more!!

    • Miss Eliza G

      Thank you, Irene! More coming your way spring 2015. ❤ I love hearing from folks … thank you so much for spending time on these books. Much appreciated!

  5. Julie

    I am currently listening to Must Love Otters on audiobook. Thank you for writing a book that is bold ( I say bold, because you write like a lot of us think, but are just to afraid to admit outloud), fun, and has otters ( I love otters ). Your book is one that will most likely be re-reviewed as written prose, when I get the sit still time. With all the cap going on in the world, it was nice to be consistently be smirking during my day.

    I strive in my own writing to have a similar style. Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. Brittany

    I have to be honest, I have read ‘Must Love Otters’ at least once every year since it was written! It is a book I can turn to for a laugh and smile. Please keep up the great writing, can’t wait to read your next work!

    P.s. Do you know of any Canadian resorts like your Revelation Cove resort for a newly married couple?

    • Miss Eliza G

      Hey, Brittany! Thanks for your note! How lovely — and congrats on your nuptials, it sounds like! If you need wedding inspiration, ask poor Hollie in Hollie Porter Builds a Raft. LOL … Check out Sonora Resort and Poet’s Cove — these are two of the places I used for inspiration when building Revelation Cove. 🙂 https://sonoraresort.com and http://www.poetscove.com/ — let me know what you find! (Follow me on Facebook too so we can chat easier: https://www.facebook.com/eliza.gordon.52/) THANK YOU, Brittany! P.S. Next book comes out November … stay tuned for the marketing machine to ramp up in the next little while. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO READ THIS ONE!!! xo


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